Zak in Switzerland 2004   




Zak Homework 4-03-04

Book: The Hobbit   (first half)

1. What is a Hobbit?    (preface)

Hobbits are small people, smaller then dwarves. They love peace and good tilled earth. 

2. What is the name of the adventuresome side of the Bilbo's family?  (pg 16)
The old Took.

3. What is the name of the wizard with the long grey coat and silver scarf? (pg 17.) 

4.  Name at least 3 things that dwarves eat. (pg 24)
Apple-tart, cheese, and salad.

5.  What brings a dragon to a village ? (pg. 35)
To steal gold and jewels.

6.  How did Gandalf save Bilbo and the Dwarves from the trolls? (pg. 50-52)
He made is voice sound like the trolls and the trolls made a huge argument and in the morning
the trolls turned to stone. 

7.  What are moon-letters?   (pg. 62)
Moon-letters are rune-letters, but you cannot see them. You can only see them when the moon
shines behind them.

8. What did the goblins call Thorin's sword?  Gandalf's sword? and why?  (pg. 72-73)
They called Thorin's sword Biter and they called Gandalf's sword beater. They called Thorin's
sword Biter because it killed hundreds of goblins before. The goblins called Gandalf's sword
Beater because it cuts off the goblin's chains and frees prisoners.

9.  What did Bilbo ask to win the riddle game and what was his prize?  (pg.  85-86)
what is in my pocket? His prize was how to get out of the cave.

10.   How did Gandalf escape from the wolves and goblins?   (pg. 110)
He and the group climbed up the trees. He fired lightning bolts at the goblins and wolves from  
there and finally The Lord of the eagles saved him and the group.

Dad's Homework:

Who is the somebody that Gandalf knows near by? (Queer lodgings)

What did Bilbo name his sword?(flies and spiders)
Bilbo named his sword "Sting" after he killed a giant spider with it.

How did the dwarves and Bilbo escape from the Wood elves and where are they heading to?
(barrels out of bond)

Bilbo stuffed the dwarves into old wine barrels and then the guards
threw them into the stream which runs out of the castle.  Bilbo jumped on to a barrel at the last minute wearing the ring which makes him invisible.
They are heading toward Lake-town.


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